Best Heart Necklaces – Gift Guide 2016

Best Heart Necklaces – Gift Guide 2016

A heart necklace is a fantastic way to show someone how much you care about them. It’s not only a versatile gift for any occasion, but an instantly recognizable and timeless piece of fashion.

White Gold Diamond Black Heart Pendant
This Open Heart Pendant Necklace flows naturally from Black Diamond to White Gold.

The heart, a symbol of caring and love (most often romantic love) makes for a very symbolic gift, the perfect choice to express your feelings on any occasion.

In the picture; 

Being considered a classic jewelry style, the heart necklace is incredibly versatile and is able to pair with almost any outfit.

Though choosing a heart necklace isn’t quite that cut and dry. There are still a large amount of heart jewelry styles and ideas to appeal to every taste.

The timeless solid gold or silver heart necklaces are available for a more minimal look, while the flashier, statement making necklaces are available for those wanting to show off their uniqueness. I picked a few of my favorites below to get you started in each category. Any of these top picks are sure to be the most talked about gift of any occasion!

Top 3 Heart Necklaces

  • White Gold Diamond
    Heart Necklace

  • 28 Reviews

    4.7 Customer Rating
  • Yellow Gold Italian
    Heart Necklace

  • 7 Reviews

    4.6 Customer Rating
  • White Gold Diamond
    Double Heart Necklace

  • 18 Reviews

    4.8 Customer Rating

Best Heart Necklace

heart necklace

Heart Necklace

Gold: 10 K White Gold
Diamond: 0.287 Carats
Total Weight: 2.1 grams

  • 10 K White Gold
  • Round Cut White Diamonds
  • Free Deluxe Gift Wrapping
  • Lifetime Accident Protection Available
Price and Reviews


This diamond-studded heart pendant is known to sparkle! It’s a beautiful balance between flashy and reserved, allowing it to be worn on just about any occasion. I first noticed this particular heart pendant by the countless amazon reviews glowing about how their significant other reacted when receiving this. This heart pendant backs its shining beauty with everything else you would expect from a quality jeweler – conflict free diamonds, free 2 day shipping, and free gift wrapping.

Best Gold Heart Necklace

Gold Heart Necklace

Gold Heart Necklace

Gold: 14 K Natural Gold
Total Weight: 2.16 Grams

  • Solid 14K Yellow Gold
  • 17-inch 14k Gold Chain
  • Free 2-day Shipping
  • Classic Minimal Design
Price and Reviews


For those of you who love simplicity. This heart necklace is clean, minimal, and stunning. Another piece with great amazon reviews – this piece proves that less is more. Aside from the beautiful contemporary design, this heart shaped pendant is made in Italy from solid 14k gold and can be easily worn with almost any outfit imaginable. A great choice for those who are looking to play it a bit safer as this necklace is easily paired with any outfit.

Best Diamond Heart Necklace

Luxury diamond necklace

Diamond Heart Necklace

Gold: 14 K White Gold
Diamond: ‘Good’ Cut
Weight: 3.38 grams

  • 20 Round-cut Diamonds
  • 14 K White Gold Chain
  • Premium large Diamond Cuts
  • Free Deluxe Gift Wrapping
Price and Reviews


Easily my top choice, whoever wears this is guaranteed to get attention. This absolutely stunning diamond heart pendant is part of Diamond Delight‘s diamond pendant necklace line. It is perfect to share on the most important dates of your life with the person closest to you. With fiery ice white diamonds set in immaculate 14 k gold, this diamond heart pendant necklace is incredibly memorable and has a meaningful impact. For full details on this piece be sure to read my full review, and to hear some wonderful previous buyers gift giving stories be sure to check out the comments on Amazon!

Best Open Heart Necklace

Heart Shaped Diamond Heart NecklaceOpen Heart Necklace

Gold: 14 K White Gold
Diamond: ‘Good’ Cut
Total Weight: 2.34 grams

  • 22 Round-cut Diamonds
  • 14 K White Gold Chain
  • Premium Cut Diamond
  • Free Deluxe Gift Wrapping
Price and Reviews


This diamond heart pendant makes the list not only because of it’s great amazon reviews, but because it’s a stunning quality heart pendant with diamonds. It’s similar to the model previous, but at around half the price, allowing those with a mid range budget to also give the stunning gift of an open heart diamond pendant. Being a 14 k white gold heart pendant encrusted with natural conflict free diamonds, this romantic and ultra trendy heart shaped diamond necklace pendant is as beautiful as it is symbolic. It’s shining nature is perfect to match with any outfit.

Best Double-Heart Necklace

double heart diamond necklace

Two-Heart Necklace

Gold: 10 K White Gold
Diamond: 0.12 Carats
Total Weight: 3.84 grams

  • 34 Round-cut Diamonds
  • 10 K White Gold Chain
  • Free Deluxe Gift Wrapping
  • Lifetime Accident Protection Available
Price and Reviews


It’s not often a product has near perfect reviews on Amazon, but this heart necklace has proved to be an exception. These two intertwining hearts add another layer of sentimental meaning to the gift. It’s a memorable and unique choice for those who want to stand out among the more traditional pieces. One heart contains small round-cut diamonds intertwined with a solid polished gold heart. Add on free shipping and gift packaging, and we may have a winner.

Best ‘Unique‘ Love Necklace

Love Necklace Inscribed with ‘I Love You’ in 120 Languages

Love PendantLove Necklace

Gold: 24 K Yellow Gold
Total Weight: 1.80 Grams metal, 1.15 Grams Gem

  • 24K Yellow Gold Inscription
  • 18-inch 14k Gold Chain
  • Includes Magnifying Glass
  • Also Available in Sterling Silver or Gold Plated
Price and Reviews


This particular heart pendant is a site favorite. While it’s not a traditional heart/love necklace in terms of shape, it makes up for it through it’s heartfelt message and unique visual appeal. This gold heart pendant is inscribed with the words “I love you” in 120 different languages and written onto an oval black onyx stone in beautiful 24K gold. The heart pendant also pairs with a small magnifying glass, similar to one you’d find at a jeweler, to read the pendants various inscriptions. With all this, the heart necklace is set within a distinct black box – the unboxing feels similar to that of opening a book. While lacking the distinct heart shape, this heart jewel makes up for it in it’s stunning delivery and message. This will most definitely be a gift to remember!

Best Anatomical Heart Necklace

Anatomical Heart Necklace

Anatomical Heart Necklace

Material: Stainless Steel
Total Weight: 29.4 Grams

  • Affordable and Unique
  • 24-inch chain with 4 inch extender
  • 1.3 inches tall
  • Free 2-Day Shipping
Price and Reviews


While not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a romantic gift idea – we have to give some kudos to the anatomical heart necklace. A truly unique gift in the world of heart jewelry, it has near perfect reviews on amazon. So it must be doing something right!

Check out my list of the best anatomical heart necklaces here!

The ‘Affordable’ Option

It’s understandable that not everyone can afford love necklaces over 200$, but just because it may not cost the same doesn’t make it any less meaningful. In fact, many of these picks look like they belong in the 300+ price range! Take a look at the Best Heart Necklaces under 100 for those who want the perfect gift without breaking the bank.

Heart pendants or heart necklaces?

While possibly confusing at first glance, the difference is quite simple.

Compare  heart pendant to  heart necklace.

Spot the difference? The first one, the love pendant necklace, is detachable from the chain. This is great if you have multiple pendants and like to use one chain. The 14 k gold heart long necklace is actually permanently attached to the chain.

To summarize;

  • Pendant – detachable from the chain
  • Necklace – Permanently fixed to a chain

Now that we’ve clarified the difference between a pendant and a necklace, it’s time to get into the specifics of what to look for when you’re looking to buy any sort of jewelry, be it a black or pink love pendant, a sterling silver heart necklace, a white gold heart pendant, or anything in-between.

Choosing the Best Heart Necklace

There’s an incredible amount of diversity in the field of jewelry, and heart necklaces are no exception. To choose the best heart necklace, answering a few simple questions will help immensely.

Who are you buying for? If the answer is yourself this should be easy. If it’s a gift, try and understand the relationship you have with this person. Is it a necklace for mom? A ring for your girlfriend or boyfriend? Your little girl? Sisters? A child? Is it for your brother’s boss? Maybe a diamond heart necklace inscribed with “forever yours” isn’t the best choice. Is this for someone you have deep feelings for or a significant other? Thankfully almost any heart shaped pendant or necklace is appropriate and welcome for almost any occasion.

What’s the occasion? While this isn’t crucial to your choice, there’s a few things to keep in mind here. Is it an event dedicated to them, such as a birthday? Maybe go for something a bit bigger, diamonds are always sure to impress. Color wise – winter generally suits white gold and diamonds, while something like Valentines day is often suited to a rose gold heart necklace pendant. Consider a ring holder or jewelry box for special occasions. These are by no means rules, just stylistic suggestions. Perhaps a would work better for the occasion.

How long should the chain be? Does your recipient (or you) wear their necklaces low or high and tight? The fortunate news is that the actual chain is easily changed. Keep in mind though – longer chains can add a few XX to XXX dollars on your purchase, so if you don’t need a long chain don’t accidentally purchase one.

Try not to get something too cheap. I’ve reviewed some great heart necklaces above and I go over the quality in great detail. Avoid cheap feeling heart necklaces, especially if it’s a gift. You don’t want them thinking this is a last minute gift from a dollar store, some to the necklace makes a world of a difference.


“I received this heart ring as an anniversary present. The gold was polished and the diamond was very elegant (without being tacky!). I couldn’t be happier with this gift :)”

Susan WilliamsAmazon Purchace

Best Picks

So let’s get right into it – my top picks from all the heart jewelry I’ve reviewed on this website. Heart necklaces to lockets to rings, these gifts are sure to be loved on any occasion. I go into greater detail about each one for those of you who like knowing the ins-and-outs of jewelry, but these are sure to get you started!

Gold Heart NecklaceBest Heart Necklace

Gold: 10 K White Gold
Diamond: 0.287 Carats
Total Weight: 2.1 grams

  • 10 K White Gold
  • Round Cut White Diamonds
  • Lifetime Accident Protection



infinity heart ringBest Heart Ring

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: ‘Fair’ Cut
Total Weight: 2.20 grams

  • Features Three-hearts
  • 10 Round-Cut White Diamonds
  • Free Deluxe Gift Packaging
  • Ring is Re-sizable



heart shaped locketBest Heart Locket

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: 0.02 carats
Total Weight: 4.21 grams

  • Over 1.1 inches tall
  • 1 Round-Cut White Diamonds
  • Deluxe Gift Packaging
  • Stores 2 photos



diamond heart earringsBest Heart Earring

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: 1.90 carats, ‘Good’ Cut
Total Weight: 1.70 grams

  • Multiple Colors of Heart-Cut Gemstones
  • 38 Round-Cut Diamonds



heart braceletBest Heart Bracelet

Gold: 14 K Rose Gold
Diamond: .19 carats
Total Weight: 9.40 grams

  • Round ‘Good’ Cut Diamonds




” I purchased this heart necklace as a college graduation gift for my daughter and she absolutely loved it! The gift was definitely a huge success.”

Joel Clarke, Amazon Purchase

Understanding the Precious Metals in Heart Necklaces

It’s incredibly important to at least understand the . Are you aware of the difference between 10 k white gold heart necklaces and 14 k rose gold pendants?

Here I’ll run you through the basics of precious metals so you can be sure you’re buying a quality gift for your significant other (or yourself!). Also knowing these few bits of information will make sure you get a fair value on the piece you plan on purchasing and you can be sure it will hold it’s value as an investment in the future.

Let’s go over the you’ll find in any high quality piece of jewelry:

Gold. Incredibly sought after and one of the most valuable of all precious metals. Most commonly you’ll find it in 14 k gold (24 k being the purest gold can be). Don’t look at 14 k as a bad thing though, gold is actually quite soft and malleable in it’s pure state, leaving it very vulnerable to disfigurement and scratches. Instead 14 k gold is mixed with lesser quality metals which actually greatly increases it’s strength and the life of jewelry. 24 k gold you may wear on special occasions, but 14 k gold is common for every day wear pieces. Gold also comes in 3 common colors, white gold (a silver-ish, mirror appearance), rose gold ( a red/pink tone on classic yellow gold), and yellow gold (golds natural color). These are good examples of the different colors of gold.

Silver. Most commonly seen as sterling silver – a mix of mainly silver and other lesser metals. Fine silver is pure silver, again a very soft and malleable metal. Although more common and cheaper than gold alternatives, silver is beloved for its shining mirror-like appearance.

Platinum. As it’s already incredibly durable, platinum generally comes in it’s pure form. However being a fairly rare precious metal, platinum is generally very expensive.

Diamonds. The hardest known naturally occurring substance on earth. Diamonds are a beauty to themselves. There’s too much to explain here, so be sure to read my guide on understanding diamonds.

Gemstones. These come in 2 forms – Natural and .

Know your Diamonds

Even small diamond pendant necklaces require careful attention. In my personal opinion you should only purchase these diamond heart necklaces if you know they come from conflict free environments. These are the best diamond that come from conflict free environments.

This video (it’s long – a full documentary) covers what blood diamonds are and will help you understand why diamonds from a conflict-free environments are so important.

To completely understand diamonds is a big task, but I’ve simplified the task for you in my .

Pre-Puchace Advice

Before you buy that perfect Heart Necklace! Here’s some Pre-Purchase Tips.

While I’m now confident you know what to look for when purchasing that perfect gift, don’t forget about these few simple things to do for any jewelry purchase you make.

Know the refund policy. What? Your dog chewed up the precious silver heart pendant with diamonds you gave it? Thank god you knew that was covered in the return policy. Joking aside, make sure you know what’s covered for any high ticket purchase. Amazon is great with this, especially if you’re buying from their curated jewelry collection. Hassle free and well known for dealing with customer returns.

Double check the markings when it comes in. Almost all precious metals will have a marking of their purity and usually the manufacturer. This is your ticket to verifying it’s authenticity, craftsmanship, and quality.

Carefully read about any precious stones included. Gemstones could easily be imitation, but they will note this in the description. Whether they’re laboratory created, natural, or imitation, be sure you know what you’re getting, you don’t want this to affect the overall value of the piece. If you’re unsure, just ask.

Is the company real? Make sure they’re not a fly by night company. Thankfully Amazon is a great help with this, there are tons of notable and on there.

Shop in advanced. Are you really leaving a purchase like this last minute? I know most purchases now have 2 day shipping, it’s always better to be prepared, especially during the Christmas season.


In Review

By now I’ve more or less covered what you need to know when purchasing a heart necklace. I’ve also given you a great starting point with my own recommendations of heart necklaces and some beautiful heart pendants. There’s really endless amounts of styles available, so don’t get too lost in deciding. If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle, but just as glamorous, try these beautiful on for size. I can tell you this though – you’re on the right track to getting the perfect gift!