Jewelry Buying Guide 2016

Jewelry Buying Guide 2016

Why Heart Jewelry is the perfect Gift

Heart jewelry is an iconic and timeless piece of fashion. As traditional as it may seem, a heart necklace is more often than not an unexpected gift to receive, but it’s meaning is instantly recognizable. A glimmering representation of how valuable that special person is to you. There’s no better representation of love or caring than the actual physical and symbolic gesture of giving your heart to that person. For this reason a or a are classic gifts.

What the Gift of Heart Jewelry Means

The gift of jewelry often shows your significant other you’re serious about them. It represents your deep feelings towards them.

The gift of a  means something very similar, but is more symbolic in nature. A Heart shape is unmistakably related to affection, love and more often than not, romantic feelings. Giving a heart necklace or ring is not only a way to show you’re serious, but also a way to let them know how much you care and love that person.

The Heart in FashionBest Heart Necklace

The wearer of a heart jewelry is often associated with openness and caring. The wearer of the heart shape is often a warm and caring person, deep rooted in their emotional well being. It also shows confidence in ones self. Often those who wear heart shapes are understand themselves on a deeper level.

The Buying Guide

Before you jump into the world of heart jewelry it’s good to have at least a basic understanding of what to look out for. Thankfully I’ve written the ultimate guide to choosing a heart necklace (or heart ring, or any heart jewelry for that matter!).

1. Know who you’re buying for (Style guide)

Two things to consider here – is this gift for a romantic partner or for close family/close friend? Often that will, at the very least, help you decide on a budget.

  • How about a 24 k white gold diamond studded heart bracelet on the first date? Maybe not. After a few months of dating? Perfect. Understand that the gift of heart jewelry usually implies you’re serious about where your relationship is and is going.
  • Make sure to get something in their style/size. Do they usually dress quite minimal? Maybe a minimal heart will compliment their fashion. Are they the fiery confident type who likes to show off? Something glittery and more extravagant may match their personality.

2. Have a budget in mind (and try and stick too it)

  • Don’t cheap out, but don’t break the bank. Keep within your budget for this gift unless you know you can afford it.
  • If you have the perfect piece in sight but it’s out of your budget, try finding it in a slightly lower purity. Turn that 18 k gold heart bracelet into a 14 k  and you could end up shaving hundreds off your purchase for a very similar ring.
  • Understand what you’re buying. If you are unfamiliar with precious metals and how they’re measured you may end up paying more than what it’s worth. Which brings us too…

3. Understanding precious metals and stones

    • While I have a few other more in-depth guides on , I will quickly go over the most important details to know.
    • are graded on the 4 C’s: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. All of these have different measurement scales and can greatly affect the value of any jewelry piece.
    • Gold purity is measured in karats (k). Not to be confused with carats, the unit of measurement for diamonds. Gold ranges from 24 k (pure gold) to 10 k (around 40-50% gold).
    • Silver is most often Sterling silver, a mix of fine silver (100% silver) with other less valuable metals.
    • Pure gold and Fine silver, as precious and appealing as they are, are actually quite soft and malleable. Gold 18 k and under is much more durable, so if you or the recipient wants to wear the piece often a lower purity is actually a better option.
    • The easiest way to get a sense of value and pricing is to compare similar designs of heart necklaces. This will give you an idea of current market values for .

4. Is there a special meaning behind your gift?

  • While this question isn’t completely necessary, it may help you further decide on the design and material you’d like to use.
  • A significant other? A passionate fling? A fiery red gemstone or flashy heart diamond may be perfect.
  • Family or friend? Something more classic may be more fitting. A minimal approach or the traditional heart designs show you care.
  • While almost any heart shaped jewelry will work, as it’s meaning is very malleable, understanding the message behind it may help you further narrow your search.

5. Be ready for their reaction!

  • A , necklace, or locket will often merit large smiles and loving reactions! Read the user reviews on my favorite heart necklaces to see the gushing results of their gifts.
  • Don’t feel disheartened if they do want to exchange it. This in no way devalues the gift, understand they appreciate it but may opt for a slightly different style. Know that the gesture of heart jewelry in itself is very meaningful!

So there you have it, you are now ready to purchase that perfect gift (either for yourself or that special someone!). This site has multiple resources to get you started, try looking at the heart necklaces or heart bracelets to start, or go the more subtle route and go for heart earrings. Either way, you are sure to impress by getting an incredible piece of heart shaped jewelry.