Best Heart Bracelets of 2016 – Gift Guide

Best Heart Bracelets of 2016 – Gift Guide

A heart bracelet is a fantastic gift. They’re always a safe choice when it comes to jewelry – it’s uncommon enough to be thoughtful and unique, but personal enough to still display an emotional message behind it. The real beauty behind the heart bracelet, however, is it’s truly a gift you can give to anyone. A parent, a friend, or a significant other – heart bracelets can be as meaningful or as casual as you want them to be.rose gold heart bracelet

In the picture;


Below are some of my personal favorites in the world of heart bracelets. This is a great starting point, it will cover a more elegant minimal approach to the more extravagant charm-filled options, but all equally as luxurious! I’ve summarized the important information beside each choice, but read the full review to learn more of the bracelet’s overall quality, style recommendations, and any flaws it may have.

Best Heart Bracelet

heart bracelet

Heart Bracelet

Gold: 14 K Rose Gold
Diamond: .19 carats
Total Weight: 9.40 grams

  • Features both 14 K Rose Gold and Sterling Silver
  • Round ‘Good’ Cut Diamonds
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This heart bracelet made the list because of it’s stunning simplicity and elegance. It’s minimal appeal allows it to easily be matched with a variety of outfits and used for almost any occasion. With diamond en-crested hearts surrounded in 14 k gold and sterling silver, it’s no wonder this heart bracelet is one of the best reviewed bracelets on Amazon.

Best Gold Heart Bracelet

open heart bracelet


Gold Heart Bracelet

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: N/A
Total Weight: 4.80 grams

  • 7.5 inches of Open Heart Design
  • Free Deluxe Gift Packaging
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This open heart bracelet contains open hearts in all 3 colours of gold – 14 k yellow, rose, and white gold removable by a lobster claw clasp. It’s imported from Italy and consists of a solid fine construction. While it’s on the higher end of my recommended choices, it merits this by it’s sturdy construction and beautiful quality and appearance. At a size of 7.5 inches it’s a bit larger than most other’s (meaning more precious metals used). It is by far my favorite in terms of open heart bracelets.


Best Silver Heart Bracelet

sterling silver heart bracelet

Heart Bracelet

Silver: 92.5% Fine Silver
Emerald: 6.67 carats
Total Weight: 7.05 grams

  • Features 9 Emeralds
  • .02 carats of Round-Cut Diamonds
  • Free Deluxe Gift Packaging
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This unique silver heart bracelet is making waves in the jewelry world.. literally! It’s rare a piece of jewelry has such a large amount of good reviews – a testament to its quality make and the reactions it creates as a gift! This sterling silver heart bracelet is has gemstone hearts lined with diamond accents. It’s a showier piece that is perfect for those unique individuals and jewelry enthusiasts.


Best Heart Charm Bracelet

gold heart bracelet

Heart Charm Bracelet

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: N/A
Total Weight: 5.78 grams

  • 7 Removable Heart Charms
  • 7.5 inches of solid 14 K Gold
  • Free Deluxe Gift Packaging
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This heart bracelet technically falls under the category of a ‘heart charm bracelet’ but makes the cut due to it’s fine make and material. It has a few reviews on amazon, but there is a small problem with it I’ve found which I get into in the full review. It’s a beautiful choice for a heart charm bracelet, combing minimal design with a modern charming appeal.


Best Ankle Diamond Heart Bracelet

silver heart bracelet

Diamond Heart Bracelet

Gold: 14 K White Gold
Diamond: .10 carats
Total Weight: 2.70 grams

  • 9.5 inches of 14 K White Gold
  • 1 Round ‘Good’ Cut Diamonds
  • Free Deluxe Gift Packaging
Price and Reviews


This heart bracelet is actually an ankle bracelet. A great gift with great reviews, we though it would be good to en compass all options! This ankle bracelet is made completely with 14 k white gold and features a fully lined diamond encrusted heart. A perfect subtle addition to any collection.


Best Open Heart Bracelet

Heart Charm Bracelet

Open Heart Bracelet

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Silver: 92.5% Sterling Silver
Total Weight: 7.80 grams

  • 7.25 inches of Silver and Gold
  • 9 Open Hearts, 2 Solid Heart charms
  • Free Deluxe Gift Packaging
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This heart charm bracelet has a unique flair to it. A charm bracelet has great energy and appeal making it a perfect pairing piece with todays’ fashion. The charm bracelet is made with a mix of 14 k yellow gold and solid sterling silver. The large chain links each feature various different heart shapes fitted with lobster-claw clasps.

The ‘Honorable Mention


Best Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

Gold: Gold Tone
Diamond: N/A
Total Weight: N/A

  • 8 Charms included
  • Various Materials
  • Free Deluxe Gift Packaging
Price and Reviews


We’re going full charm! While it doesn’t completely fit the category of heart bracelets, this charm heart bracelet makes the honorable mention lists due to it’s affordable nature, high quality, and most important, incredible customer reviews. This bracelet features 8 charms and is part of the Anne Klein modern heirloom collection. With a variety of charms and precious stones and metals, it’s no wonder this heart charm bracelet is one of the most popular in the collection.


The ‘Expensive‘ Honorable mention

The Diamond Heart Bracelet

diamond heart bracelet

Diamond Heart Bracelet

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: 1.90 carats
Total Weight: 1.70 grams

  • Multiple Colors of Heart-Cut Gemstones
  • 38 Round-Cut Diamonds
Price and Reviews


Looking to really blow someone’s mind? Take a look at this 18 k gold diamond encrusted . Frankly, I didn’t put this at the top because it’s out of most peoples price range, but if you’re looking to spend that extra money on something immaculate this may be it. The lack of reviews on this particular open heart bracelet proves that – but it’s worth a mention. This piece comes in both yellow and white gold with a total diamond weight of .47 carats. It includes 30 day returns and you can rest easy knowing its natural, conflict free diamonds. Surprisingly, it’s actually fairly cheap for what it is because it’s being sold directly from the manufacturer.


Understanding Metals, Stones, and Diamonds

If you want a complete rundown on precious metals and what they mean, take a look at my .

In short, most jewelry is made with 14 k gold and sterling silver. While it might sound more appealing to have pure 24 k gold or fine silver, there’s actually many benefits to purchasing precious metals that aren’t completely pure.

  • Durable. 24 k gold and fine silver are actually quite soft and malleable, meaning it’s quite easy to dent, scratch, or disfigure. 14 k gold and sterling silver are alloyed with other denser metals to create a stronger piece of jewelry able to be worn everyday and shows much less wear and tear.
  • It’s affordable. Solid gold and other pure precious metals are very expensive. It’s not always in ones budget to buy a 3000+ piece of jewelry, and as cliche as it may sound, it really is the though that counts. Make sure you read the to understand how pieces are valued, and take for long lasting value.
  • Quality. Don’t automatically assume 14 k gold or sterling silver isn’t as good – In many cases it’s indistinguishable to 99% of people. These precious metals still contain a large amount of pure precious metal, making it shine just as beautifully, and more important, hold its value.

How to Choose a the Best Love Bracelet

Choosing the right bracelet is not an easy task. I’ve got you started with a few options above, but there’s a few things to keep in mind if you haven’t already decided!

Firstly, you need to know who you’re buying for. Yourself? A significant other? a close friend? This is important for sizing reasons. Does your loved one have a small wrist or are they naturally larger set? Ideally they will have some jewelry you can use for reference, but it’s not too hard to use your judgement in this scenario, because worst-case scenario most are able to be re-sized.

If you’re completely new to this don’t worry. If you’re not able to get your hands on their own jewelry for reference or you’re worried about them noticing, ask some friends for advice to get an idea of sizing and/or to better find out the recipients taste in jewelry. Another option is to cut a piece of string to the approximate size of their wrist for reference. While knowing the perfect fit is usually unnecessary, it’s always nice to receive a bracelet (especially a love bracelet) that fits right away!

Common Bracelets Types

The Chain Bracelet

The chain bracelet is arguably the most common type. There’s many different variations in terms of make and material. Often varying in different karats of gold, sterling silver, and platinum, it’s rare to find a pure gold or fine silver chain due chains needing to be strong. The link itself varies in shape and size; large links, flat links, tight small links, and some with no openings. A quality chain is as important as the jewelry itself, not only for looks but you don’t want a cheap one which easily unclasps or breaks. Just remember – a good chain will lengthen the life of the jewelry.

Chain bracelets can be plain or have decorations/pendants attached. Here’s a good example of a chain charm heart bracelet.

The Bangle Bracelet

A bangle bracelet again comes in varying shapes and sizes. Generally, however, they are thicker and stiffer than the chain link alternatives. My first pick for the best heart bracelet above is an example of a sturdy and stunning bangle bracelet. They don’t normally close all the way and have a mild flexibility so they are easily removable but tight enough to fit comfortably. For some it takes a bit of getting used to to wear a bangle-style bracelet, but they are great for daily wear and have a good life span due to their solid make. If it ever feels too tight or uncomfortable, it’s most likely to tight and should be loosed or exchanged for a slightly larger size, however most bangle heart bracelets have the open end, making them more or less a one size fits all.

The Charm Bracelet

This type of bracelet has picked up immense followings in the past few years and has certainly made it’s mark in fashion. While actually quite an old and common form of bracelet, this has certainly made a resurgence in recent years. One of the best choices for any holiday or birthday, heart charm bracelets are able to be customized and changed for any occasion. After the initial purchase, charms can be added separately for additional gift ideas in the future (suddenly making that next gift idea a lot simpler!).

Determining the Value of a Heart Bracelets

It’s sometimes hard to tell exactly what you’re paying for without knowing what you’re actually looking at. Similar pieces tend to merit very different prices. Compare these two bracelets for example;

A very high end open heart bracelet. 18 k gold, .47 carats of diamond.

14 k gold.

Now the obvious difference – one includes diamonds and one does not. One has a higher concentrate of gold – 18 k compared to 14 k.

The not so obvious. One chain is 2.5 inches longer! This is often overlooked when purchasing jewelry, but has a huge impact on price. If you have to size down your purchase to achieve a proper fit did you really need to purchase the extra large one?

Location, location, location. It matters where the jewelry comes from. Jewelry from countries such as the United Sates and Italy often sell for a slightly higher price often due to the quality of craftsmanship and recognizable names.

Consider how the weight of the jewelry effects the price and durability of the heart piece. Gold is most often weighed in grams, so logically the higher the gram weight the more expensive the particular piece will be. Although usually a heavier and thicker bracelet will be able to stand up to the natural wear and tear of daily use. This holds true especially with bracelets.

Pre-Purchase Advice

Before you purchase any sort of heart bracelet make sure you keep the basics in mind.

Understand the refund policies before you buy. Thankfully Amazon is great with this, just make sure you once over the policy anyways. Generally, you will always be able to return and exchange it through amazon.

Check the markings upon receiving the jewelry. Gold silver and platinum jewelry always comes with a marking to verify it’s authenticity and quality.

Double check precious stones. When purchasing gemstones, take the extra time to read about it. See if the gemstone included is natural, laboratory created or an imitation. If it has been treated in anyways ask if it affects the stones overall value.

Research the company in question. Make sure the . If you feel uneasy purchase from a name you recognize. Generally it’s safe to purchase on amazon, they have great refund and exchange policies and most major brands and jewelry lines can be found there.

Keep your receipt. You or the gift recipient may want to return it. You should have a digital copy anyways, so it might actually take effort to lose that!

Don’t leave your shopping last minute! Have you got something yet? I know all my heart bracelet top picks have free 2 day prime shipping, but it’s always better to be prepared!

Closing Remarks

I’ve covered just about everything you need to know about heart bracelets in this article, so get shopping! While I’ve covered my personal favorites in the world of heart bracelets, there’s really endless amounts of choices and styles of heart bracelets – silver heart bracelets, open heart bracelets, even a list of under 100 dollars. So take a look at the full selection of heart bracelets and get that perfect gift! If you’re looking for another great gift or wearable – check out these !