The Best Heart Earrings of 2016

The Best Heart Earrings of 2016

What better way to keep the person you love on your mind than a heart shaped earrings. This very unique and personal gift is casual enough for any type of person, but also meaningful enough to warm the heart of that special someone.

Heart earrings are a fantastic gift, combining the classic gift of jewelry with a personal heartfelt message. Express yourself easily without words, but instead the symbolic gesture of physically giving someone your heart. Thankfully, heart earrings also match almost any outfit. Can it get any better than that?

open heart earringsIn the picture; 10k Diamond
Heart Earrings – Pink Tourmaline

However picking jewelry is
never easy, and heart jewelry is no different. There are so many options to choose from; diamond heart earrings, gold heart earrings, bamboo heart earrings – where should you even begin?

This article will act as your guide in navigating the world of heart earrings. I’ve recommended a few of my favorites to get you started on your search and have also included a guide below to help you further in getting a gift that will wow anyone. I go over materials and their value, as well as help you answer some important questions you most likely have. The purpose of this guide is to have you get the best heart earring – at the best possible value – and make the best possible gift!

Best Heart Earrings

heart earrings

Heart Earrings

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: 1.90 carats, ‘Good’ Cut
Total Weight: 1.70 grams

  • Multiple Colors of Heart-Cut Gemstones
  • 38 Round-Cut Diamonds
  • Deluxe Gift Packaging
Price and Reviews


Be ready for endless affection after giving these stunning 10k white gold heart stud earrings. These earrings caught my eye initially because of the sheer number of 5-star reviews it has. The reviews themselves gloat not only about how well received these heart earrings were, but also the quality make of them.

These white gold earrings hold a natural stone which allows for a perfect glimmer and shine. These heart earrings are perfect for any occasion. Though because of the various stone colors it offer’s (garnet, ruby red, pink sapphire, amethyst, and more) they make a great birthday gift because many of these precious stones are also birthstones. Naturally, the price varies depending on which stone is embedded in the 10k white gold. The diamonds are conflict free and the lovely heart shape stud is guaranteed to satisfy (and it literally has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!).

Best Diamond Heart Earrings

diamond heart earrings

Diamond Heart Earrings

Gold: 10 K WhiteGold
Diamond: 0.40 carats
Total Weight: 4.21 grams

  • 12 Round-Cut Natural Diamonds
  • Deluxe Gift Packaging
Price and Reviews


A beautiful example of heart earrings done right. This diamond heart stud earring prominently features 3 large diamonds surrounding by diamonds of various size.

With a total diamond weight of .40 carats, this is truly a gift that will make her jaw drop. These heart earrings will sparkle and shine brighter than any other on the list simply due to the amount of diamonds in it as well as the shape their cut in. As a testament to it’s great craftsmanship and lovely appearance, these diamond earrings have received only perfect reviews so far.

Best Gemstone Heart Earrings

heart stud earrings

Gem Heart Earrings

Gold: 14 K White Gold
Diamond: 0.02 carats
Total Weight: 2.50 carats

  • Blue Topaz, Natural Diamond
  • Deluxe Gift Wrapping
  • Lifetime Warranty
Price and Reviews


Another set of heart shaped earrings with only 5-star reviews, this gorgeous light blue heart shaped blue topaz is held by two 14 karat white gold prongs. Tommaso jewelry’s design is protected by copyright and offers a lifetime warranty.

A lifetime warranty is often a sure fire way to know you’re dealing with a reputable fine jeweler who understand what it takes to make a piece of fine jewelry. If they’re a fan of blue earrings, this heart-shaped blue topaz earring is a much needed addition to their jewelry collection.

Best Silver Heart Earrings

heart shaped diamond earrings

Silver Heart Earrings

Gold: 14 K White Gold
Diamond: 0.37 carats, ‘Very Good’ Cut
Total Weight: 1.36 grams

  • ‘Very Good’ Cut
  • 134 Round-Cut Diamonds
  • Deluxe Gift Packaging
Price and Reviews


Who can resist glimmering diamonds? With a total of .37 carats of diamond, this glimmering piece will light up the room (not only from the diamonds, but their smile too!). This heart shaped earring has good user reviews and includes many of the great features you’d expect from a fine jeweler. A 30-day return or exchange policy with a fine diamond color and clarity rating.

Best Gold Heart Earrings

gold heart earrings

Gold Heart Earrings

Gold: 10 K Rose Gold
Diamond: N/A
Total Weight: 1.78 grams

  • 2 Morganite Stones
  • Deluxe Gift Packaging
Price and Reviews


These pink gold heart earrings make the top list due to their perfect reviews and affordable nature. The main feature, a morganite stud, shines in beautiful harmony with the 10k pink colored gold it’s encased with. Most of the reviewers posted about their experience giving a heart earring as a gift, which no doubt went over very well. A great choice for the shopper on a budget, but doesn’t want to skimp on a quality make.


How to choose the best heart earrings

The world of jewelry has endless amounts of choices when it comes to style and heart earrings are no exception to this rule. Searching too much could make this choice feel overwhelming, though I’ve set out a few simple questions you can answer to help you simplify these options.

Who are you buying this for? While this may be an obvious first question, take a second to really think about it. Are these heart earrings for someone with a simple fashion style or someone who’s considered more ‘out there’? This may help you decide between something more minimal or something more extravagant and diamond studded. Try to think of their personality when you’re picking out a heart earring. Before you buy try asking yourself if it’s a style that compliments their unique personality. Maybe they would better suit something else – like a .

Understand why you’re buying it. This differs from person to person naturally. Are you trying to let them know you’re serious about this relationship? Or is this simply a gift for your mother-in-law. These could merit two very different types of heart jewels. While heart earrings can be used for almost any person on any occasion, this may help you choose a budget and hone in on the material you want.

Please don’t get the cheapest earrings available. Seriously, price actually makes a difference for those who know jewelry. While I’m not recommending breaking the bank, I just want you to realize there is a huge difference between a 2 dollar earring and a 50 or 100 dollar earring. While I recommend sticking within your budget first and foremost – consider why you’re buying this and if it merits a quality piece they can wear for years to come.


Gold, Diamonds, Silver – Oh My!

As there are many styles of heart earrings, there are also many different materials. Knowing the basics of these common precious metals and stones will help you get the best price with your purchase and make sure that whatever you’re buying only increases in value for years to come.

Precious Metals

Gold. Heart earrings generally come in 10 k or 14 k gold. This gold is actually a mixture of pure gold and other lesser metals such as copper or nickel. Don’t worry, the majority of it is still gold and it has an almost indistinguishable gold appeal. This purity range is actually beneficial to heart earrings as it is stronger and will keep its shape much better than pure 24 karat gold (a very soft and malleable substance). Not only that, but the price difference between pure gold and 10 or 14 karat gold may make your jaw drop.

Silver – A silver heart earring is very elegant. Silver in it’s purest form (fine silver) is similar to gold – soft and malleable. Sterling silver heart earrings are more common in this case and generally have a very high amount of pure silver. Sterling silver is very solid and will generally have a long lasting life if properly cared for.

Diamonds. Diamonds are the most precious and hardest known naturally occurring substance on earth. Diamonds are often embedded into other malleable metals to create jewelry – most often precious metals such as gold and silver. Diamonds are weight in carats (not to be confused with karats) and vary wildly in price depending on weight and the cut of the particular diamond. have a variety of qualities.

Colors of Heart Earrings

There are many colors to choose from here. Gold often comes in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold (its natural color).

Diamonds sometimes are colored, either naturally or by special man-made processes. This can get you pink diamond heart earrings or even . For most rich colors, however, a gemstone such as a ruby earring or an opal earring may make for a better and deeper color.


So I’ve given you some questions to narrow your search and have gone over common materials and how to properly evaluate them. The last step are those pre-purchase tips and tricks! While some of them may seem obvious, they are worth re-mentioning. Who knows, they might just save you a huge headache down the road!

Understand the return policy on your jewelry. Nothing would get under your skin more than purchasing a piece of jewelry that had a fake gemstone you though was real and then realizing you can’t return it. While any fine jewelry maker and retailer will have a return policy and guarantee, make sure you know what it is. Thankfully Amazon is known for having a hassle free return policy. Their jewelry collection has a minimum of 30 days to return, some being more. With that return policy also come longer warranties and guarantees.

Check if the gemstones are real. The example I used before? Actually a common thing. Make sure you thoroughly read the description to see if any precious gemstones are real as often imitation or laboratory made gems are used. Not that this is necessarily bad, but it’s never fun receiving something you weren’t expecting.

The markings hold the value. You’re purchase of any precious metal or diamonds will have a small inscription with the quality and purity levels. Double check these to make sure you got exactly what you expected. Often they will often come with the manufacturers information as well.

Is the company well known. Amazon has a large collection of well reputed jewelers, but other sites may be hard to tell how real they are. Avoid anything that looks overly suspicious and make sure they’ve been in business for a while.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Shopping, especially during peak times, will get hectic. Shop in advanced to beat the rush. Nothings worse then giving those heart earrings 4 days after a birthday!

Make sure they wear earrings!


This has more or less gone over everything you need to make a decision on a beautiful pair of heart shaped earrings. I’ve given you some great heart earrings to choose from, gone over the importance of materials, and went through some simple questions to help you narrow your choice. There is an absurd amount of earrings you can choose from – I’m sure you could actually search forever! Don’t stress too hard and don’t get lost in all the choices. Take a look at the for a stunning gift. I can tell you this though – you’re on your way to getting the perfect gift!