Best Heart Lockets of 2016 – A Gift Guide

Best Heart Lockets of 2016 – A Gift Guide

Heart lockets are more than just any old jewelry, they’re also a way to tell a story. Stay close to your loved one’s heart and in their fondest memories with the gift of a heart locket necklace. A heart locket is a timeless fashion that can create endearing and nostalgic feelings towards whomever is safely inside. A throw-back to olden day fashion (à la Titanic) the locket necklace is a staple of time, but it’s incredibly romantic tones will never go out of style.heart locket necklace

In the picture; 

Below I’ve included my personal favorites. They’re perfect gifts in almost any situation and are sure to be the most talked about gift or jewelry piece of any occasion.

Best Heart Locket

heart locket

Heart Locket

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: 0.02 carats
Total Weight: 4.21 grams

  • Over 1.1 inches tall
  • 1 Round-Cut White Diamonds
  • Deluxe Gift Packaging
  • Stores 2 photos
Price and Reviews


A beautiful minimal-style with a heart locket, this is epitome of the timeless fashion we mentioned before. The 14k yellow gold heart locket includes room for two slots inside to keep pictures of those they hold dearest.

heart shaped locketThe joint is made of a spring ring
clasp to ensure it opens and closes tightly, making sure it doesn’t accidentally open. A single diamond is embedded in the center of the locket, a striking focal point to an already impressive piece.

This diamond heart locket necklace with heart locket complies with the Kimberly Process, so you can rest easy knowing these diamonds have been sourced conflict free. With great Amazon reviews to back, this is a top contending gift for any occasion.

Best Heart Locket Necklace

silver locket

Heart Locket Necklace

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: 0.02 carats
Total Weight: 4.20 grams

  • Over .78 inches tall
  • 1 Round-Cut White Diamonds
  • Deluxe Gift Packaging
  • Stores 2 photos
Price and Reviews

White gold is as elegant and luxurious as you can get. While it’s almost identical to the locket above (though slightly smaller), it’s white gold exterior and huge popularity (see the user reviews) makes this heart locket deserving of it’s own spot.

sterling silver locketThis diamond heart locket necklace has a minimal silver heart locket appearance, but is actually a beautiful 14 k white gold, opening up to reveal 2 picture slots. The chain attachment is a lobster clasp style so you can be sure that it won’t fall off easily, but also allows you the option to easily change the chain or re-purpose the heart locket as a bracelet or as a pocket jewel.

This white gold heart locket pendant has a joint that’s also a spring ring clasp so the locket will always crisply open and shut. The diamond stud again is conflict-free, a must have when buying any piece of jewelry. While similar, this white gold heart locket pendant is striking, resembling a silver locket necklace, and has proven this by even more positive user reviews than the yellow gold necklace.

Best Vintage Heart Locket

vintage lockets

Vintage Heart Locket

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: N/A
Total Weight: 2.4 grams

  • Over 1 inches tall
  • 18 inch 14 k Gold Chain
  • Deluxe Gift Packaging
  • Stores 2 photos
Price and Reviews


This locket makes the list due to the sheer number of reviews, making it an obvious popular choice as a gift. Engraved with the words: “Forever on my Heart”, this heart locket flips open to allow room for two pictures to be safely stored inside.

heart locket necklaceThis piece is also ‘Made in the USA’ by the company Duragold, a larger player in the jewelry industry, so expect quality construction and materials. It’s a classic design reminiscent of the older more memorable lockets of the 1800’s  jewelry design. Made with pink rose gold on a rather large 18 inch gold rope chain, this timeless locket is sure to be enjoyed year after year.

Best Gold Heart Locket

gold heart locket

Gold Heart Locket

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: N/A
Total Weight: 2.96 grams

  • Over .8 inches tall
  • 18 inch 14 K Gold Chain
  • Deluxe Gift Packaging
  • Stores 2 photos
Price and Reviews


Another minimal fashion, this open heart locket necklace makes the list simply due to it’s affordable price, solid make, and great reviews. Still a stunning clean necklace in its own regard made with solid 14 karat yellow gold, this charming heart locket is able to store two treasured photos close to her heart.

picture locket necklaceAvailable in both a silver heart locket and gold heart locket, the key difference it’s not a diamond heart locket pendant, rather a more minimal heart locket. However don’t write that off as a negative – it’s simplistic design is more appealing to the fans of a more minimal fashion. It includes all the same features as the two previous; lobster clasp, solid make, and good material. Read my full review for pairing advice and other important information about this particular heart locket.


The ‘Honorable mention’

Best Locket Necklace
locket necklace

Locket Necklace

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: N/A
Total Weight: 6.14 grams

  • Over .9 inches tall
  • 20 inch 14 K Gold Chain
  • Deluxe Gift Packaging
  • Stores 4 photos
Price and Reviews


Not your traditional ‘heart locket’, but get’s the honorable mention spot for its stunning make and design. It actually is my number one choice for traditional locket necklaces which I explain why in my review.

gold locket necklaceThis locket necklace first caught my eye because of it’s large number of great reviews. Almost all the user reviews were purchased this item as a gift and each continue to gloat on how well received and the heart warming reaction it received. This locket is a classic oval shaped design with a light floral engraving along the border. It’s main feature is it supports 4 PICTURE FRAMES. Large enough for a whole family of loved ones. It’s made in the United States, so expect solid construction and a quality material.


Understand Precious metals in your heart locket necklace

So you have that perfect locket necklace – but is it really perfect? It’s good practice to understand exactly what your purchasing to make sure you get good value on your heart locket necklace, whether it’s silver, gold, or diamond. Don’t fret though! You don’t need to be a professional jeweler to buy jewelry, simply knowing the basics is enough, and thankfully I’m here to run you through them.

The most common material you’ll find heart locket pendant necklaces are made from is 14 karat gold. Understand that 14 k gold is common because;

  • It’s much more affordable than 24 k gold (pure gold) and looks very similiar. The cost difference between 14 k gold and 24 k gold is astounding, expect to pay an extra 2000 to 4000 for a pure gold locket.
  • 14 k gold is much strong than pure gold, which is actually quite a soft and malleable substance. This means your jewelry will last longer and keep it’s form for years to come.

14 k gold is actually achieved by mixing pure gold with other less precious metals such as copper, but 14 k gold still contains a high percentage of pure gold (around 60 percent). This combination makes longer lasting, more resistant heart locket necklaces.

How to choose the best Heart Locket

Not all are the same. A good eye and some common sense are required, but understanding who and when you’re buying for is the easiest way to decide on the perfect heart pendant.

Who is it for? An obvious first question. If the locket necklace is inscribed with a ‘be mine’ or ‘my true love’ , maybe it’s not best suited for your brother or your boss. If it’s a significant other, dear parent, or close friend, a minimal heart locket like some of the heart lockets above are perfect gifts (that speak for themselves!). For a friend or acquaintance, try a more classic oval locket necklace.

What occasion is it for? Is this a birthday? Valentines? Christmas? While not crucial to your choice, choosing a seasonal jewelry piece to fit the occasion is up to you. Thankfully any heart shaped locket fits any romantic occasion of time of year. Some simple advice is that silver heart lockets tend to fit winter, while a rose gold locket is perfect for the Valentines season. Maybe you’d find work better for the occasion. While not hard-set rules, their is common colors to fit the season.

The Chain length. Do you locket to fit tight like a choker necklace or have it hang lower like a pendant? The good news is the heart locket pendants above can easily have the chain swapped out, but keep your eye’s out for the right size to avoid this extra step.

Don’t skimp on material. A necklace with a bit of weight feels good. Don’t simply get the cheapest locket, you’ll end up regretting it when it feels like a toy from a cereal box. While it’s true that it’s the “thought that counts”, it’s nice to have them know they’re worth more to you than a made-in-China plastic pendant.

The Common Shapes of Locket necklaces

While this page is mainly dedicated to the heart locket necklace, a romantically symbolic and timeless jewelry piece, knowing your options is never a bad thing.

is the most common shape in terms of a locket necklace. Classic and instantly recognizable as a locket. While that’s the most common, lockets also come in a few other shapes and sizes. Most often in the shape of a heart or circle. Most have room for just two pictures, but some common shaped ones also hold room for four, and less common are lockets that only hold one picture.

A Locket Pendant may refer to just the pendant without any sort of chain, though almost every locket includes a chain as they are most commonly worn as a locket necklace (to keep your dear ones close to your heart!).

Comparing the Value of Locket Necklaces

So you . Try comparing these 2 similar lockets and see if you can determine why they are valued differently.

I chose to use higher priced lockets for this example because this is where certain aspects are more noticeable. A large portion of the price difference is due to the company who made it and where it’s made. USA and Italy are prime examples of this, countries  often associated with a long standing history of fine jewelry. Cuts of diamonds are always different, and 2 diamonds could have drastically different prices simply due to the cut.

While not apparent in this example, a long chain will often add a few dollars to the total price. Keep on the lookout for long chains and really consider if you need a 14 inch chain or a 7 inch chain, the difference in length could be the difference of XXX dollars. Why pay for a longer chain if you plan on shortening it later?


For those of you feeling a bit adventurous, why not give the gift of a homemade locket! Here’s a video that might help some of you crafty-folk.


Tips and Tricks of Jewelry Buying

Here’s some common pre-purchase advice I think everyone should know before getting a gift.

Know the refund policy. Purchasing through amazon is always great because it’s a hassle free return policy. Their jewelry collection especially is covered by one great guarantee, so you don’t have to worry there.

Know the company you’re buying from. If you recognize the name they are most likely a legitimate respected brand (though you may pay a premium for it). Though there are many great smaller brands in the fine jewelry field, and this is true within the field of heart locket necklaces. Thankfully again Amazon has your back here.

Check the markings. Diamond heart locket necklaces will have the weight clearly marked, as will the gold. This is simply a way to know the quality of the piece and make sure it’s authentic.

Keep the receipt! Though I know you’re shopping online, but I feel a reminder never hurts. Your purchase is recorded on amazon so there’s no need to worry really.

Stop leaving it to the last second! I’ve given you some great choices, if they aren’t exactly what you’re looking for check th related results. There’s a large amount of selection from various brands and for various price ranges. I know there’s 2 day shipping, but it’s better to be prepared!

I think that more or less covers the basics when it comes to choosing the best heart locket. You understand precious metals and what they’re worth, common shapes, and what to look out for when purchasing jewelry. With so many choices; silver heart lockets, silver locket necklaces, white gold heart locket pendants, diamond locket pendants, it might seem overwhelming, but start with one of my great gift choices above and start your journey! Interested in something else great? Check out the! Now go wow your partner with one of the most amazing gifts you can give.