The 7 Best Heart Rings of 2016

The 7 Best Heart Rings of 2016

Looking for the perfect meaningful gift for the special someone in your life? A heart ring is the perfect gift for any occasion. It’s ripe with meaning and symbolism sure to melt the heart of the special someone who receives it.

A heart ring combines the best of both worlds – the classic gift of jewelry with a warm heart-felt message. It is easily expresses your feelings without words. Stylistically, a heart ring is also able to be worn on any occasion and paired with most fashions.

two heart sterling silver diamond ring
Sterling Silver Diamond Two-Heart Ring featuring a Rose Gold Heart Outline

In the picture; 


However picking that perfect heart ring isn’t as easy as you might think. The world of heart shaped rings have plenty of options: heart shaped diamond rings, open heart rings, pink gold rings – the options are really endless.

But fear not! There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for that perfect heart shaped ring that will make your decision much easier. Through this guide I’ll get you started with a list of a few of my favorite rings and an overview of what to look for in a ring (to make sure you get great value for your money!).

Best Infinity Heart Ring

infinity heart ring

Infinity Heart Ring

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Diamond: ‘Fair’ Cut
Total Weight: 2.20 grams

  • Features Three-hearts
  • 10 Round-Cut White Diamonds
  • Free Deluxe Gift Packaging
  • Ring is Re-sizable
Price and Reviews


This immaculate infinity heart ring is the perfect example of contemporary design in the world of fine jewelry. With triple hearts of sturdy 14 karat solid yellow gold, this triple heart ring has intertwining open hearts – 2 intertwining to create the infinity symbol. Ten individual hand set polished white diamonds will make this ring sparkle brightly for years to come. Near 5 star user reviews will make you look twice if you’re not already considering this immaculate heart ring.

Made in the USA, this triple heart ring ships directly from the manufacturer (in special gift wrapping) so you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best possible make and price on this ring.

Best Open Heart Ring
double heart ring

Open Heart Ring

Gold: 14 K White & Yellow Gold
Diamond: 0.10 carats
Total Weight: 2.45 grams

  • 2 Diamonds embedded in 2 open hearts
  • Ring is Re-sizable
Price and Reviews


This beautifully double heart shaped diamond ring intertwines both yellow and white gold to create a stunning and meaningful ring for any occasion. Featuring two round cut diamonds in the open heart diamond rings center, this heart rings diamonds are sourced through the Kimberly process so you can rest assured that they were sourced conflict free. Next to it’s fine design, the amount of fantastic reviews are actually the most impressive part of this open double heart diamond ring. With over 80 reviews at the time of writing, this ring comes with multiple user pictures and gloating reviews, a testament to it’s quality make.

Best Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

diamond heart ring

Diamond Heart Ring

Gold: 10 K White Gold
Diamond: .04 carats, ‘Fair’ Cut
Total Weight: 1.99 grams

  • 11 Round-Cut Diamonds
  • Comes in Regal Blue Sueded-cloth Pouch
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This sparkling heart shaped diamond ring is all romance – the perfect heart ring for your girlfriend or significant other. Intricantly designed in 10 k white gold, this ring includes a large diamond accent heart in the center of the intricant filigree band. The texture adds to its romantic appeal and a whopping 11 round cut diamonds are fitted to create a total weight of .04 carats (and they’re conflict free of course).

The reviews on this ring are incredible – with 5 stars and over 70 reviews, it’s obvious this is a great choice for whomever you’re buying for.

Best Heart Promise Ring

rose gold heart ring

Heart Promise Ring

Gold: 10 K Rose Gold
Diamond: 0.20 Carats
Total Weight: 2.30 grams

  • Includes White, Brown, and Natural Diamonds
  • Round-Cut White Diamonds
  • Ring is Re-sizable
Price and Reviews


This heart ring features wonderful gold cognac and white gold with multiple bright sparkling diamonds. An ideal white diamond ring for any anniversary or even as a heart promise ring. This rose gold heart ring has a unique flavor and appeal using dark stones to greater accent the sparkling centered diamonds, which is separated from rose gold.

With multiple near perfect reviews, this ring comes in at a great value for the amount of precious stones and metals you’re receiving. It’s a sure choice for any occasion.

Best Gold Heart Ring

14 k yellow gold heart ring

Gold Heart Ring

Gold: 14 K Yellow Gold
Total Weight: 3.40 grams

  • Solid 14 K Yellow Gold
  • Deluxe Gift Packaging
Price and Reviews



This 14k yellow gold ring is a classic fashion suitable for anybody. It’s minimalist design is accented by heart shapes, which add a subtle meaning to this beautiful ring.

This heart ring has a large amount of 5 star reviews, even more than the previous rings. My guess is because of the higher purity yellow gold used (14 karats, most rings use 10 karats). That paired with it’s suitability for anyone, this gift is great for friends, family, or significant others.

Best Silver Heart Ring

two heart sterling silver diamond ring

Silver Heart Ring

Material: Sterling Silver, 14 K Rose Gold
Diamond: 0.26 Carats, ‘Good’ Cut
Total Weight: 6.34 grams

  • 53 Round-Cut Natural Diamonds
  • Free Deluxe Gift Packaging
Price and Reviews


This double heart ring encompasses everything you could want in a gift. The double heart is significant in meaning and it has a stunning appearance of diamond covered sterling silver. The 14 karat rose gold beautifully surrounds the diamond studded silver to accent the heart shapes within the ring. Another ring with a huge amount of near 5 star reviews means it has a quality make (long life-span) and a huge amount of successful giftings.

How to Choose the Best Heart Ring

There’s a huge number of different styles when it comes to jewelry, and that doesn’t change when it comes to heart rings. Deciding on the perfect choice may seem overwhelming, but I’ve layed out a few simple questions to simplify your search.

Know the one you’re buying for. Firstly, do you know the fashion they wear? If they tend to wear subtle colors a nice pairing may be a more minimalist simple ring. Are they more wild and crazy? A flashy diamond studded jewel piece may be better suited. A ring is generally given as a form of love, caring, or commitment, but don’t feel that’s a firm rule.

Know the purpose of the gift. A special occasion may differ from a birthday, while a promise ring may differ from a spontaneous gift. While this isn’t crucial to your choice, knowing the rings purpose will help you pick the appropriate budget to spend on the occasion. Stylistically diamonds and white gold are generally associated with winter months and important life events, while yellow gold and warmer gemstones are paired with spring and summer months. Again, not a definitive rule, but may help you in the style department!

Don’t cheap out. If this is a gift for someone important to you I suggest you have a decent budget. No I do not mean thousands, but more than 5 or 10 dollars. Quality is apparent in jewelry, and while it may look the same in a picture I can assure you it will not look or feel the same in person. While everyone’s budget is different, look for quality materials. It’s better to for-go the diamond and have a quality gold ring than a ring full of fake diamonds.

The Styles of Heart Shaped Rings

There is an incredible amount of diverse choice in the world of heart rings (let alone the world of jewelry), but knowing is half the battle.


Silver heart rings – Sterling Silver is the most common form of silver used in heart rings. This silver is close to it’s pure form which allows it to keep its gleaming shine, but it’s much more durable than pure silver. A good trait to have as rings tend to take a bit of a beating over time.

Gold heart rings – 10 karat and 14 karat are most the most common purities when it comes to rings as it is again a much more durable mixture of gold, allowing it to have a longer life span. Gold commonly comes in 3 distinct colors: White gold, rose gold, and yellow gold heart rings.

Diamond heart rings – Rings covered in diamonds sparkle the brightest! Diamonds heart rings are incredibly durable and are usually embedded on some other form of precious metal.

Any mixture of the 3 – Unless you are looking to get a simple heart rings, most will be a mix of the three materials above. Diamond heart rings in white gold or diamond sterling silver heart shaped rings – they are all possible.



Traditional – Any ring with a heart shape, whether it’s just an outline or a solid heart shape.

Open heart ring – Includes only the outline of the heart leaving the inside area ‘open’ or with no other materials, allowing you to see through the heart.

Double heart ring – This style is a two heart ring (Two hearts on one ring).

Triple heart ring – This type of band includes three hearts. Various designs are incorporated, sometimes three heart rings are stacked, lined, or mixed into an infinity heart ring.



Pink heart ring – Pink rings may refer to rose gold (gold with a pink tint) or pink diamond heart rings. It may also use a precious stone to incorporate the pink element.

Ruby heart ring – A fine piece of jewelry most likely featuring a ruby gemstone.

Blue heart ring – Either by using a precious stone or a blue diamond heart ring this piece of jewelry prominently features blue.

Red heart – Through the use of gemstones or a red diamond heart ring this particular piece is able to achieve the classic red heart. It may also be referring to rose gold which may have red-ish tints to it. are often stunners as well.

Black heart ring – A striking color for any occasion, this may be created by gemstones or a black diamond heart ring. Black diamond rings are a fantastic and unusual gift.

Green heart ring – By incorporating the use of gemstones green is a less-common but very unique accenting color.


Diamonds are a girls best friend!

But they can quickly break the bank too! Having a basic understanding of diamonds will help your budget immensely. By knowing exactly why the diamonds are valuable you will rest easy knowing you’re paying for quality, current market value and that the jewelry itself will maintain it’s value.

While completely understanding diamonds is actually a large undertaking, the basics are actually very easy to quickly learn. Here I’ve simplified the main things you need to know.


Before you buy any Heart Rings

Read these pre-purchase tips and advice. While I’m confident you know how to get that perfect ring already, these may save you from some headaches down the road!

Know the return policy. While most fine jewelry has amazing guarantees and easy return policies, it’s always good to double check – especially when the purchase price is high. Thankfully Amazon is great for this. All jewelry in the Amazon jewelry collection will have a straight forward and hassle free 30 day return policy, and most likely a very long warranty.

Check the markings. All fine and precious materials will include the marking of material used and more often than not the manufacturer. This information is a way of verifying its make and making sure you received exactly what you wanted.

Don’t skip the description. Precious stones and gemstones can be imitation or laboratory created. While not necessarily a bad thing, it’s not fun to find out that deal you thought you were getting wasn’t really a deal. If you’re unsure about the authenticity of any part of the ring ask the manufacturer to be sure.

Is the company legitimate? Make sure you’re not buying from a company made in the past week or a ‘jeweler’ that’s really a back alley pawnshop. Thankfully Amazon is filled with and has a ton of user reviews you can rely on.

Don’t leave it last minute! Imagine if your wedding ring was 2 days late for a wedding. Ok, ok, it’s not that bad, but don’t risk getting your gift late. A Christmas gift is best given on Christmas!

By now you should have better idea of the best heart rings and be able to pick out the perfect one. You know the materials, most of the designs available, and some great recommendations of some rings to get you started. Consider a combo and grab one of the to pair with your gift.. You’re on the right track, so don’t stop now!